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About Split T Boxing Club

Split T boxing club is a sister company to one of the world’s largest and most renowned professional boxing management companies. With this level of boxing team behind us, it is no secret we are looking to build the strongest boxing team in Las Vegas. Bringing over a dozen of already world ranked professional athletes and a history of former and current world champions, we can say the boxing capital of the world has already started to feel the impact of this mission and dedication. With a high level of quality coaching, overseeing all our programs and offerings guarantees nothing but the best training systems and methods to our gym. Boasting 10 thousand sq feet of space including 2 boxing rings, 25 heavy bags, a full sized MMA cage, wrestling mats, a weight room, world class coaches, nutritionist and more, we are the next generation of boxing's elite in Las Vegas.

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Split T Classes:

  • Black Kobra MMA (BKMMA)
  • H.I.I.T

Split T Personal Training:

Split T Products:

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