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We are committed to providing the highest level
of classes to all our athletes and members.


Looking to take your skills to the next level? The competitive training regimen is an elite program specifically designed for those looking to compete against other high-performance athletes in the ring or cage at the highest levels of amateur or professional boxing and MMA. This program will vary based on your level of skill and dedication, however rest assured that the decades of high-performance experience in the coaching staff and numerous world ranked athletes in the program will bring out the very best in each and every one of our team members. Our coaches will work closely with you to ensure you reach the level of physical and mental condition needed to fight and your highest potential and more. We take pride in our approach to coaching and the quality is reflected by the performance of our athletes. We produce the Porsches and Ferraris of the fight game!

Black Kobra MMA (BKMMA)

Named and ran by the Black Kobra himself, Dewey Cooper, this competitive team program is second to none. With a strong emphasis on striking systems that have a long history of a proven track record boasting over 10 world champions under his belt, this program is not for the feint of heart. If you think you can hang with this group of dedicated athletes, we invite to inquire. Not many are selected, but those that are become a part of something special.


Are you new to boxing? This class is great for beginners looking to learn the fundamentals of boxing, and for intermediate level fighters wanting to fine-tune their technique. This class will introduce you to the various aspects of boxing. Drills in this class are designed to improve both your offensive and defensive game. Technical Boxing can help you perfect your fighting stance; improve footwork; deliver powerful and precise punches; learn combinations as well as counter and slip punches.


So little Timmy sucks at hockey…why not try boxing? Our youth program incorporates a variety of coordination drills, strength-development exercise and mobility movements to help develop future athletes. Along with the technical components of boxing our program teaches youth discipline, commitment and builds confidence all within in a fun and supportive atmosphere. Sign up today and watch Timmy reap the benefits.


Tired of the same old workout? Our Boxfit class is the perfect combination of circuit training and boxing! Our coaches will take you through an intensive circuit with a boxing flare suitable for all fitness levels. This class is guaranteed to get you in shape fast while incorporating elements of boxing. Whether you are new to fitness or an advanced-level athlete, this class will challenge you. Come try it out and watch your fitness game improve one punch at a time!


50 minutes of high intensity group exercise, either body weight or light weight performing a series of exercises to give the full body a fat burning muscle pump.