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Craig Jackson

“My mentality is, it’s not what I can do for myself as general manager, but moreover what can I do for my employees and gym members to make their experience in life, and in the gym better”.

For those of you that don’t know me, I’m Craig Jackson, you’re general manager. Originally from Washington State, I’ve been a trainer/manager at this Blue Diamond gym Location for nearly a decade, and a part of the fitness industry for 17 years in total.

As a trainer I am  NASM, Apex, and TRX certified, as a competitor I have an extensive martial arts background as a championed wrestler, BJJ brown belt practitioner and professional MMA fighter. Combining my knowledge of fitness, martial arts, and business, I plan to build a Spit-T Boxing family that everyone feels a part of.

“My vision for the gym is marrying the fight world with the real world. Non-competitive people training alongside some of the world’s best athletes.” As the general manager and face of Split-T Boxing club, I welcome everyone to come see the advantages Spilt-T has to offer.

With a monstrous wrestling background, it’s no surprise you can find me on the schedule heading the Split T’s wrestling program.