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Delmar Tolliver

You can’t miss Delmar, he’s usually the tallest guy in the room. Delmar is a lifelong martial artist, who is one of the most well-rounded coaches at Split-T Boxing.

Delmar has over 15 years as a personal trainer and competitor. With wrestling and BJJ training under his belt, to go along with his boxing and kickboxing knowledge, Delmar is a premier source of knowledge for anyone looking for personal training, to compete in MMA, boxing, or kickboxing, as well as any of the pure grappling arts.

As our lead supplement specialist, if you have any questions about the benefits of multivitamins, Whey or plant proteins, fat burners to  pre workouts, Delamer is your one stop shop. Join Delmar for Pad & Mitt class or his kickboxing class and benefit from his years experience and vast knowledge!