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Matt Franchino

Matt is an avid surfer, father, and our lead stretching and rehabilitation Specialist. Originally from Orange County, California, Matt is a former collegiate and professional soccer player, truly a pure athlete who knows the type of training it takes to help you perform at your best.

Matt has competed and trained with some of the best athletes in the world. Prior to moving to Las Vegas, Matt worked with professional and amateur surfers; designing balance & flexibility programs, as well as strength & conditioning programs for those gearing up for the US Open of Surfing.

Throughout life Matt has found strength through adversity: “I gained 30lbs and lost myself in the never-ending downward spiral of life. With a chip on my shoulder and an immature attitude, I began training at Gracie Jiu Jitsu in Upland, CA under the 5-time IBJJF World Champ & 1 time PAN American Champion Ana Laura Cordeiro. It is there I finally started to take ownership of my own life. In 2017, once again I found solace in surfing and Yoga”.

Matt is very versatile, a mixture of well rounded fitness and nutrition knowledge who can work with a range of conditions ailing the body.

If you’re an athlete trying to increase strength, mobility and promote healing to aid in peak performance Matt is your guy. If you have chronic or acute back pain, or old injuries that need rehabilitation, or you need advice on incorporating stretching into your fitness routine he is your guy. He’ll make you look good, feel good while helping people find their unique balance in your fitness routine. Catch Matt’s classes during the week for Core Sculpt, Stretch & Flex, Jiu-Jitsu Yoga, and Bikram Yoga. Matt’s motto to fitness is simple, “Invent, Reinvent, then do it again! Brick x Brick.”

Certified Bikram, and Yin yoga instructor through Yoga Alliance
Certified Personal Trainer  through  the National Academy of Sports Medicine and  a StretchLab Certified Flexologist.
Lifetime Martial Artist
Multiple Time US Grappling Gi & Nogi Champion
it Burn, Kickboxing, and Power Pump.