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Pauline Lawlor

A true fitness enthusiast, Pauline is the real deal. Over 10 years as an elite gymnast, and nearly a decade as an acrobat as part of  the original cast  for “Le Reve- The dream show” Pauline is the cream of the crop.

Pauline’s lifestyle is the epitome of the fitness lifestyle, but it hasn’t always been that way: “I’ve spent my whole life working out  and caring for my physical shape, but after having my children, I took a more profound interest in fitness”.

If you’re a mom looking to whip your body back in shape after pregnancy, or just need a dynamic trainer who will kick your butt, and take no prisoners Pauline is the coach. As an Ace certified personal trainer, and certified pilates instructor, coach Pauline will get in every nook and cranny to get you the results you want. Pauline’s pilates and bootcamp classes are gonna be the hot ticket at the Split T boxing Club.