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Steven “Shonuff Da Master" Archie

For those of you unfamiliar with BJJ, it’s the ground fighting art of joint manipulation through the use of leverage and choking techniques, and your head BJJ instructor Shonuff, well, he is the master!

 Sho is your go to man for everything Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. Whether it’s grappling position and technique, pure grappling wisdom, or the latest on grappling gi’s and apparel, If it involves BJJ he’s the coach to go to.

Sho is currently a BJJ brown Belt affiliated with Cavalcanti BJJ with over a decade of BJJ competition experience  as a multiple time world champion in gi and no gi BJJ.The adult and youth BJJ program is in solid hands in terms of growth and vision for Split-T’s  BJJ competition team, as well as those who are interested in BJJ for self defense, or those looking to pick up a worthy hobby. Jump on the mats with Sho and lets see what you got!

BJJ Accolades(Masters Division):

Former SJJIF & NABJJF Gi World Champion(Blue Belt)
Multiple Time IBJJF American National Gi & Nogi Champion(Blue Belt)
Member of Team USA (USJJO, JJIF)
Multiple Time IBJJF Open Gi & Nogi Champion
Former IBJJF Pro Gi Champion
Former NAGA Advanced Division Nogi Champion
Multiple Time JJWL Gi Champion
Former IBJJF Mexico Open Nogi Champion
IBJJF Asian Open Gi Silver Medalist
Former New Breed Gi Champion